Coin Club Auction Software

At the time that I started our local coin club, we handled our auctions by hand, as I am sure that most of you do. Since I do have some programming knowledge, I thought , why not write a program to take the drudgery out of this function. After working for many weeks of spare time the program evolved to what it is today. I have personally been using this program for two different coin clubs for the last five years and the quick and easy functions allows me to handily keep up with the auction proceeds and the Summary feature provides an exact printed record of the days auction transactions.

Club Auction Software Features:

WARNING ! There is something that I should warn you about before you get this software for your club. First, you will end up doing multiple jobs. Membership chairman, Auction chairman, sending out monthly newsletters and auction lists. In general, you will become the Jack of all trades at your club meetings.

Membership Function
This program provides a membership function which allows you to keep your membership roster up to date along with a label printing function which is very useful to send out your monthly meeting notices. There is also a couple of listings that can be produced. Up to 120 members can be handled in any one club.

Entry Option
There is an item entry option which allows you to enter the auction lots and print a listing for your monthly meeting notices. Additionally, items can be entered at a later time and a special walk-in list can be printed. The items can be described with up to 4 lines, a grade, an estimated value and a minimum bid. The consignor is also identified on each item by their member number.

Auction Transaction and Accounting
The auction transaction option is probably the most fun option to use. As each items bought up for bid, you will follow along on the computer. As items are hammered down, the sale price and the member number are entered, and the next item is displayed. Items can be skipped whenever needed when a dreaded "no sale" occurs. When all items have been sold, You will return to a menu that will allow you to quickly print a list of members who have purchased lots in the auction, showing the total owed and number of lots for verification. This list can be used at the treasurers stand to collect the money and hand out the lots. Detailed lists can be printed for any buyers or sellers who desire one. After all is said and done, a summary list combining the buyers and sellers can be printed for use by the treasurer.

Customizing Set-Up Function
A header file is used that allows you to:
Put the club name on the reports
Tell the program what disk drive to use for the data files
Enter the sales tax rate to use if you collect taxes
In addition, there can be one of four different commission methods with either an amount or percent that you can enter. This is a nice feature that allows a lot of flexibility in configuring for how you run your club.

Program Price and System Requirements
This program is wirtten in BASIC programming language and should run on any computer that can run BASIC, BASICA, QBASIC or GWBASIC. I have run on all of these and they all work equally well. I currently am running this software on a portable GRID computer that I picked up for under a hundred dollars.

I am offering this progam for $19.95 plus $1.00 shipping and handling. Allow two weeks for delivery. To Order click here.

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