BuddyWhites Metal Detectors

"Metal detecting can be a healthy and enjoyable activity for the whole family."


The reason that I choose to be a Whites Metal Detector dealer is that, I believe they have the best all-purpose machines available at the best price.


The Way that I operate is:

  1. I keep a limited supply of metal detectors in stock, usually just for demonstration purposes, but I do sell them if someone wants what I have.
  2. I can order any of Whites Detectors and normally have it available at my shop and ready for delivery in less than a week. For this reason, I do not carry all of the models that are offered.
  3. My price deal is that I discount 10% off the MSRP and then add New York sales tax of 8%, and I include a free low end headset for the detector. If Whites has a special promotion going on, you can pick that option if it is a better deal than mine, but I cannot afford to do both.

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